Our Facilities

We own the freehold to our 20,000 square foot factory just North of London. We have a showroom with over 1,000 products on display and our fully staffed offices at the same place. A range of machines which cater to the diverse needs of the stone industry and including a CNC machine, three bridge saws, edge polishing machines plus dust extraction and water recycling.
With the CNC there is virtually no limit to what we can do. CNC machines are responsible for almost all modern day machining operations in manufacturing industries.

Our bridgesaw range can be used for normal manual cutting, semi-automatic, repeat cut production or fully automatic using DXF files. The footprint is kept compact as there is no need for a rotating table. Our capabilities include; curve cutting and full circle cuts to as small as 580mm in diameter. Here are some of the machinery that we operate at the factory:

  • Emmedue Fusion Bridge saw
  • Emmedue Glalxy Bridge saw
  • Colbalm D21 Bridge saw
  • Bavelloni Egar CNC Machine
  • Marmamechanica 711 edge polisher
  • Technomac Manual processor
  • Jenny Lind face Polisher
  • Torrini Claudio waterfall extraction, water recycling/dehydrating system.

All our worksurfaces are hand crafted to individual requirements using traditional masonry skills alongside modern state of the art computer controlled machinery.

We stock an extensive range of full size marble, granite and quartz slabs, which are available for customers to view in our stone yard. Seeing the material in full size slabs rather than small samples gives one the opportunity to see in full, the natural beauty of a stone, and enables a customer to make the right choice by choosing their own individual slabs for their kitchen or bathroom. Customers are also able to view our material at a selection of our import depots in and around London depending on their location.

Whatever your requirements are, should you choose to visit our stone yard, our friendly staff are always available to discuss your needs and advise you of the best and most suitable materials for you, ensuring you get the highest quality of service and the best results.


  • 0800 652 2013 OR 020 8216 2041
  • info@themarblegroup.co.uk