About Us

The Marble Group mission statement is to offer the widest and largest collection of natural
stone in the United Kingdom, and to guarantee the best quality at top prices.
The Marble Group has more than 16 years of outstanding experience and superb skills in the stone industry and
sales combined. We are now one of the leading manufacturers of granite worktops in the entire country.
We specialise in designing, crafting, and manufacturing worktops to the highest standard of design utilizing the
finest quality of granite. Our worktops are well-known for their superior finish which can only be accomplished
by our experienced masonry skills, and by using the latest machinery.
We obtain some of the most exquisite and rare colour variations of authentic stones from different areas of the
world; from the premium marble in Italy to the immaculate granite extracted in the south of Brazil. We dedicate
ourselves in obtaining the most competitive prices at a supreme quality from all over the globe importing from
India, China, Spain, Cyprus and Malaysia.

Our progression has always been centred on our ability to respond flexibly to our client’s
individual needs, for both small and large projects, as well as our experience and thorough knowledge of the
industry, the vast collection and stocks we offer with outstanding service.
We are able to create numerous edge details, standard or shaped recessed grooves and drainers, complex curved
tops to finishes, splash backs and cut outs, as well as the simplest straight runs. We are confident in
defeating any price from any other stone suppliers in the country, and are more than pleased to give you a FREE
quote upon request.
Provided that the upcoming work is booked in advance, bathroom and kitchen projects are fitted, collected or
delivered 5 working days from template of the project. Quotations are provided within a day (24 hours).
All of our fitters are completely dedicated and more than capable of finishing projects with their combined
knowledge and experience, as well as attention to detail to make sure that the client is left feeling entirely
satisfied. We are always accessible and available to offer advice on any prospective projects either domestic or
Despite its strength and toughness, granites can still be cut, formed into specific shapes, and refined to
produce stunning designs for both commercial and domestic use.


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